Hardcore Nepal Day Tours Kathmandu

1 Day Canyoning and Rappelling Adventure – Bulbule

Nepal Canyoning and Hiking Adventure Near Kathmandu Born from the highest Himalayan mountains, the Bulbule canyoning adventure features pristine...
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Rafting & Canyoning Adventure Trip

2 days
Rock & Raft with Hardcore Nepal! This is a Hardcore Nepal Original Adventure! Lots of other companies have adopted the name Rock and Raft...
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Best Nepal Canyoning Trip – Jalbire Canyon

1 day
Adventure to Nepal’s Best Waterfall Canyon Canyoning in Nepal is a “must do” for water sports lovers and adrenaline junkies!...
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Canyon, Cave, and Climb

3 days/2 nts
Get all the awesome activities of our Caving, Climbing and Canyoning this short tour to Bandipur/Bimal Nagar near Pokhara.
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