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How to Choose A Kayaking School in Nepal

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This week I am writing about kayaking courses in Nepal, because we have been busy with our Kayak Bootcamp here at Hardcore Nepal. August is not usually the best time for learning kayaking on the river, because the water is high, but here a some options for all levels of beginners...
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Hardcore Nepal Rafting Trips for Autumn 2013

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Nepal Rafting Trips for Oct. – Dec. 2013 Hardcore Nepal is pleased to announce their new and expanded rafting trips for Autumn 2013.  We will be hitting some of Nepal’s best rivers for extreme adventure! Join Nepal’s #1 Adventure Team!  Daily Rafting –...
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Nepal Monsoon Canyoning Trip

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Canyoning at Jalbire in Chitwan, Nepal This summer we have been so busy with canyoning.   Normally the monsoon time is slow for tourist activities in Nepal, but it seems some hardcore adventurers have the right idea – when water is all around, why not just get wet!  ...
Where is Nepal

Where is Nepal?

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Where is Nepal? We travel a lot and of course, people ask us where we are from.  It’s fun to see the puzzled look on the faces of many who are searching their mind for the exact location of this place.  We have heard: South America right? – no You are Nepali –...
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Best Day Trips in Nepal

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Best Nepal Day Trips for Extreme Adventure Travelers If you are an adrenaline junkie, and you need a day away from Kathmandu, here are the top 6 Day Trips you don’t want to miss in Nepal. Whitewater Rafting Nepal has many rivers for rafting, but if you can only go for one day...