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Best Nepal Day Trips for Extreme Adventure Travelers

Canyoning in Nepal with Hardcore Neoal

If you are an adrenaline junkie, and you need a day away from Kathmandu, here are the top 6 Day Trips you don’t want to miss in Nepal.

rafting in nepal trisuliWhitewater Rafting

Nepal has many rivers for rafting, but if you can only go for one day choose the Bhote Kosi or Trisuli.  Both feature class IV rapids (the occasional class V) and offer beautiful views. While the Trisuli is the more popular river because of its easy access, Bhote Kosi rafting offers a bit more of a secluded feeling as the river is narrower in the upper sections.  Try our Rafting & Canyoning Adventure Trip if you head to the Trisuli.

Bungee Jumping or Bungy Jumping (it’s a tomay-to, tomah-to thing)

If you are rafting at the Bhote Kosi, you might as well jump into the gorge from the mile high bridge at Last Resort.  Okay, it’s not actually a “mile,” but at 160 meters, it’s one of the tallest in Asia.  Check out this hardcore bungee jumper: http://youtu.be/ARJfVNdTR8k.


canyoning in nepal chitwan

White water rushes through the breathtaking Jalbire Canyon – Chitwan, Nepal!


Canyoning (or canyoneering as it was originally called) has become one of the top day trips for Hardcore Nepal Adventures.   When we opened in 2009 and started offering canyoning trips, we had no idea that abseiling into ice cold water falls would be such a hit.  But, travelers to Nepal are a special type, and they like things that are extreme (that’s why they come here!).   This is super adrenaline loaded fun.  It’s not just the scary stuff either, you get rock slides, natural swimming pools and a giant jump plunge.   Try this one!  (But not if you are afraid of anything.)


This is a great trip to do near Bandipur.  Again for the rock and rope enthusiasts, take a trip down to Bandipur and while you are there visit Siddha Gupha (cave).  But don’t take that walk up tourist entrance… go higher!  From the top, you will find a series of caves that lead to a 70 meter drop into an enormous cavern.  This can (and should) only be done with a very experienced guide.   The caves are dark and the danger is real.   You can book caving with Hardcore Nepal in combination with rock climbing at Bimal Nagar.

Mountain Biking

This is one of the best ways to get out of Kathmandu for the day, and if you head up toward Sundarijal, you will find some tricky single tracks that will give you a challenge.   You can also take a whole bike hike from Kathmandu, to Sundarijal, past Nagarkot, and back through Bhakatapur.  But that would take a few days!  Bike trips around Kathmandu can be booked with several companies.  We like Himalayan Single Track and Epic Mountain Bikes.

photos 114Rock Climbing

Well, we wouldn’t be Hardcore Nepal if we didn’t mention Rock Climbing!  It’s what we do.   But if you want some extreme climbs off the beaten path and not where we teach beginners, then head out to Hattiban.  This crag is about 1 hour outside of Kathmandu, and offers multi-pitch and single pitch routes.   If you are a beginner, and just learning rock climbing is extreme enough for you, then join our rock climbing lessons at Nagarjun Forest.

Rock climbing departs daily from our Kathmandu office at 8:30 am.


Want to know more about day trips or things to do from Kathmandu?  Contact us.