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Marsyangdi River Whitewater Rafting

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From: $150.00

Marsyangdi means “raging river”, so get ready for 2 days of 100% adrenaline overload on this Hardcore Nepal exclusive rafting trip!

Duration: 2 days


1 review for Marsyangdi River Whitewater Rafting

  1. Cami

    thought provoking take on fear. to a ceatrin extent i feel i have always lived on the edge, as an adult, because i chose time over money, time to create vs using time to accumulated things. there was a book out a few years ago entitled Feel the fear and do it anyway. Fear is often a feeling as opposed to a reaction to an actual circumstance in which fear arises to protect us such as when we see a man ahead with a gun. The feeling of fear, in ordinary circumstances, also i think can be addictive as fear raises our adrenaline level and adrenaline can be addictive. thus the tendency to make everything into a crisis as the adrenaline pumps and give us energy to plunge forward.Have fun with your rafting. you are brave!!

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