Canyoning and Rappelling – Bulbule

Quick Details

  • Duration: 12 hours total
  • Departure Time:  8 a.m. from Kathmandu Guesthouse Gate
  • Itinerary:
    • Hike in Nuwakot to the Bulbule canyon
    • Waterfall rappell into Bulbule canyon
    • Dine at a local restaurant
Bulbule Canyoning and Rappelling Adventure

Hiking in Nuwakot

We start our day with an off-road ride to our hiking trailhead, then head into the Kakani forest where we hike for about an hour before reaching Bulbule canyon. This is in the Nuwakot region of Nepal, just north of Kathmandu. Nuwokot means “nine hills” in the Nepali language. Our canyon at Bulbule is fed by the famous Trisuli river which flows from the high mountains in Tibet to the jungle in Chitwan, Nepal.

Bulbule Canyoneering and Rappelling

After our short hike, we visit the smaller shoot off of this famous river, which feeds Bulbule canyon. This is where the real fun begins! Are you up for an adrenaline rush? Get ready for waterfall rappelling into Bulbule canyon. We do a bit of scrambling, too, before our first rappel. Then get ready for a real thrill when we head for a 75-meter waterfall. Ffeel amazed when you finally descend to the pristine water pool below.

Celebrate Your Amazing Adventure with a Traditional Nepali Meal

After your amazing feat, it’s time to celebrate. We head to a local family restaurant for a typical Nepali meal and celebration of our great day of adventure!

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  • Chevron down What To Wear & Bring
    • Wear flexible fitting clothing like rash guard shirt and leggings with shorts over them
    • Clothes may get damaged by rocks
    • Long hair should be pulled back in ponytail close to your head, for safety
    • Do not wear necklaces, rings or bracelets or jewelry, for safety
    • Wear closed-toe sports shoes or closed-toe water sports shoes, for safety
    • Bring a change of dry clothes and shoes
    • Wear sunblock & sunglasses
    • Bring money for snacks or extras

    PLEASE NOTE: Guests must follow all safety precautions. Guides have the right to exclude anyone from the tour who does not follow safety rules. Canyoning is an adrenaline-rush, extreme sport that is really fun, but all must follow the safety rules.