Canyoning in Nepal – A Top #10 Adventure

Canyoning is a Hardcore Nepal adventure not to be missed… we have discovered an amazing canyon where you will not only abseil down a beautiful waterfall, but finish your decent with a rock slide plunge into a gorgeous natural pool below the falls! This is the best Nepal canyoning (canyoneering) trip you can find! Great for a couple friends or larger groups! Get ready for adrenaline overload as you jump, slide, scramble and abseil through one of Nepal’s most pristine canyons.

Hardcore Nepal Canyoning tours are recommended canyoning by Lonely Planet.  Our guides train other local guides and often lead trips for local tour agents around Nepal. They are the most requested guides for canyoning training and trips in Nepal because of their experience and attention to safety.  Try our super popular Canyon, Cave and Climb – 3 day trip to get the best of all our Hardcore Adventures!  Or take a one day canyoning trip with rafting, or on your way to Chitwan National Park Jungle Safari and Pokhara.

1 Day Hardcore Nepal Canyoning Tour

3 Day Canyon, Cave and Climb Nepal Tour

Rock Slide and Jump

 Canyoning Nepal at Jalbire - Jump Rock

Jumping rock – Jalbire Canyoning Chitwan Nepal

The jump-rock and the rock slide are a must-do and the best of Nepal’s natural amusement parks!   Jalbire Canyon is near the Chitwan Jungle and is a lush tropical paradise with massive waterfalls and amazing features.  You will feel like you are at a natural water park as you splash and play and feel the adrenaline of jumping off the 12 meter rock or plunging down the natural rock slide shoot!  Come on, you know you HAVE to try this!


Other Canyoning Nepal Trips

We also go to Charaudi Canyon.  If you are on a rafting trip in Nepal, or it is monsoon time, some waterfalls can be too high volume for canyoning. but Charaudi Canyon is perfect!  It is lush and tropical, with fun drops, amazing walks and a perfect splash pool at the bottom.   It’s a great chance to play with the local kids in this natural swimming pool!

Canyoning USA

Canyoning is becoming popular all over the world.   In the US it is called “canyoneering” similar to the word “mountaineering.”  Whatever you call it, if you want a good resource about things to wear, what to expect, and general information on this amazing rock and rope sport, check out this web site from Canyoneering USA.   Also, if you have good resource from your home country, let us know so we can list them for other  guests.