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New Year, New Adventures for Hardcore Nepal in 2014

New Year Post Hardcore Nepal Canyoning
Canyoning was Hot Trip Last Year

Well, if the past year has been the “year of extreme canyoning” for Hardcore Nepal Adventures, then 2014 will have to be the year of the peaks!  That’s the prediction as all things climbing continue to be our hottest trips happening in Nepal.  With our Canyon, Cave and Climb and Rock-n-Raft multi-day trips winning out as our most popular trips of all time.

Lobuche peak climb Nepal

Hardcore Climbing Client Sine Lysdahl Summits Lobuche Peak, Nepal

For 2014 we focus on Peak Trekking (and climbing)

Starting in March, we will launch our 2014 Himalayan peak climbing.  This is what we like to call Peak Trekking because it requires a trek in the Solu Khumbu region (Everest region). Our guests get the best of trekking in Nepal, and also get to go home saying “I summited a Himalayan Peak!” Island and Lobuche, two “do-able” peak climbs for those who are reasonably fit are already proving the most popular. These climbs are best to do in March – May, or October – December.  However, they are also possible to climb in colder months like January and February (if you happen to like extreme cold).  Be sure to test your cold weather gear before you venture to these peaks, no matter what the season.



canyoning trip poolRafting with a Twist

Rafting in Nepal is usually extreme enough for the regular traveller, but our guests are hardcore, so we added on a twist.  Rock-n-Raft will be this year’s hit excursion not only for it’s fun factor on the river, by also for the Holy Crackers effect of the extreme canyoning right after breakfast! After a day of whitewater rafting and a night of beach party camping, wake up a smell the adrenaline honeys because your morning splash includes 5 meter jumps, and 20 meter waterfall abseils!  So, if summiting a Himalayan peak was not enough extreme adventure for you, then add a few days to your Nepal tour when you return to Kathmandu, and jump on this trip!