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Meet our team at Hardcore Nepal! As some of you know, our company is dedicated to training and hiring guides from the dalit castes so that they may break free of their traditional caste role, and have a chance at a profession that provides a better income and quality of life.

Our guides set an example for other marginalized young people and help their families and villages overcome caste discrimination. We are happy to have such a diverse team and Nepali guides from all walks of life proudly working with Hardcore Nepal. Learn more about our Dalit Training Program here.

ramesh rock climbing
  • Chevron down Ramesh
  • Ramesh is the co-owner (with Sandra Krasa) of Hardcore Nepal/TREKT Himalaya and one of the best all around guides for everything adventure you can find – anywhere. He’s most well-known for his rock climbing clinics and kayak bootcamp. Canyoning (canyoneering) is also a blast with Ramesh and his team. Ramesh is an international guide, who has worked in India, USA and Nepal. Lately, he spends Nepal’s monsoon season in the USA kayaking, rafting and climbing at the famous New River Gorge, home to world class white water on the New River and Gauley River. You can find him in Nepal from October – May each year dazzling clients with his outrageous stunts, extreme stories and “hardcore” personality! There is no one quite like him. Definitely a rock star when it comes to anything climbing, canyoning, caving or kayaking!

H. Nepal Trips Manager - Rafting Nepal Trip
  • Chevron down Ram Chandra
  • Manager at Hardcore Nepal/TREKT Himalaya – Kathmandu

    Ram will probably be the first person you meet when you come to our office or arrive in Nepal. He was our first recruit from our training program. We met him in the village of Bimal Nagar when we conducted our first rock climbing trips to the area. He quickly learned all there was to know about our extreme adventures, and soon became a key player in our operations. He is one of the friendliest, most genuine people you will meet in Nepal, so be sure to say big “Namaste” to Ram Chandra.

Suresh kayaking hardcore nepal
  • Chevron down Suresh
  • Affectionately known as “Cookie” (we have no idea why, but could be a mispronunciation of Kooky), Suresh is just about the most fun you can have in Nepal. His laughter and good humor are contagious. Suresh has been working with us at Hardcore Nepal since 2010, and is one of the original members of our team. He is a senior guide, leading canyoning, rock climbing and kayaking trips.

Binod BK Nepal Canyoning Guide
  • Chevron down Binod
  • Hardcore Nepal is proud to have Binod on our team. Binod comes from a remote village in Chitwan, and began working with us in January 2012. Today he is a valued member of our team who leads canyoning and rock climbing trips for us each week. The village children seem to love Binod, and always come to watch him work when we do caving and climbing at Bimal Nagar. They cheer him on as he lead climbs, and sing songs with him on his breaks. Binod has a good spirit that you feel from the first moment you are in his presence.

    If you see Binod on your trip, be sure to ask him about his village and home. He loves sharing cultural insights with our clients and is awesome at cooking the Daal Bhat!

Prabin Kumal Nepal canyoning and rock climbing guide
  • Chevron down Prabin Kumal
  • Prabin is from the village of Chyangling near the Marsyangdi River in Gorkha. Prabin is an excellent rock climbing and canyoning guide. He is quiet and careful, and always planning ahead. Prabin’s calming personality makes our clients feel comfortable, and assured they are in good hands. Don’t mistake his shyness for dullness—he is super smart, friendly and funny. His quiet demeanor is part of his charm.

    When Prabin is not guiding adventures for us at Hardcore Nepal, he is in classes studying for a bachelor’s degree in business. We are very proud of Prabin. He was one of our training program recruits in 2013.

Hardcore Nepal Trekking Guide - Karma Mustangi
  • Chevron down Karma Mustangi
  • Karma is a native of the Kingdom of Mustang. He is our trekking manager and lead guide for all Mustang and Everest Region treks. Karma is one of the best trekking guides in Nepal, and we feel blessed to have him as part of our team. He gets amazing reviews with each trek, and was even written up for his famous Mustang trek in the New York Times.

    Karma likes to go “off the map.” So, when you trek with him, don’t be surprised if you go an unexpected detours to places where no other trekkers have ventured before. His off the map excursions are always a delight, and part of the reason why he is a world-class adventure guide.

Arjun BK - Dalit Training Program Junior Guide Canyoning
  • Chevron down Arjun
  • Arjun is our 2014 trainee for the Dalit Training Program. In the summer of 2014 we were contacted by a local NGO in Kathmandu that told us they had a boy who had lived in their orphan’s home for many years, but was now finished with high school. They were not sure what to do as his family had no money to send him for further education, and neither did the NGO program. They found our Dalit Training Program on the internet and phoned our office to see if Arjun could join us. After a summer full of training with our senior guides, we are proud to say that Arjun is now a junior guide for Hardcore Nepal Adventures and proving himself a great canyoneer. We are proud to have Arjun as the newest member of our team.

Sandra BK - Hardcore Nepal Trekking, Rafting, Canyoning
  • Chevron down Sandra Krasa
  • Sandra is the co-founder of Hardcore Nepal. She’s our top paper trail guide as she sleeplessly looks after all of our emails, bookings, phone calls, etc. with her team in the USA. She is in Nepal for spring and autumn tourist seasons each year to make sure our clients are happy and well. Sandra started TREKT Himalaya’s USA office because she saw a real need for better information and support for travelers to Nepal and the Himalayan region. She is also the founder of Medical Trek Nepal.

    Sandra loves to tell you as much as she can about traveling in the Himalaya or trips to Nepal, so be sure to email her before you plan your trip. And also check out her blog Sandrabk.com

    Sandra has a Master of Arts degree in Mass Communication from the University of Florida. An award-winning documentary filmmaker, successful entrepreneur and intrepid adventurer, Sandra is our team guru for “how to” travel.