Things to Do in Nepal - Adventure Tours

Looking for Things to Do in Nepal? Here are the Best Adventure Day Tours

Whitewater Rafting

This is the second most popular thing to do in Nepal after climbing Mount Everest! There are many rivers leading to the Kathmandu valley, but the most popular Nepal rafting day trips are on the following rivers.

  • Trisuli – 3 hours bus ride from Kathamandu.  Class II-V rapids.  Rafting all year around, even “monsoon rafting” in summer.  Fun trip to spend the night on the river at one of the many rafting camps as well.
  • Bote Koshi – There are actually 2 sections of the Bhote Koshi for rafting.  The upper section is very technical and can only be run from late November to January or so.  The lower section is popular for day tous and can run most of the year.


The best canyon is Jalbire.  It is about a 4 hour bus ride from Kathmandu, but can be done as a day trip. Here are the best commercial canyoning spots in Nepal.

  • Jalbire Canyon – Located in the Chitwan district of Nepal.  Features 100m waterfall for viewing, and about 5 pitches for abseiling.  Rock slides and jumping available.
  • Big Jumbo – This canyon is used by a popular company called The Last Resort.  If you are looking for something to do while staying at their eco-camp, then Big Jumbo canyoning is a good option.


The Siddha Cave (sometimes called “The Bat Cave”) is a sacred cavern located near Bandipur about 70km north of Pokhara.  You will abseil through several pitches until you reach the final 70 meter drop into the main cavern.  On the way, be dazzled be stalactites and stalagmites and BATS!

Rock Climbing

You would think in a land of climbers that everyone would be rock climbing daily in Nepal.  Yet, the climbing areas are still relatively quiet and in some places there are untouched beautiful crags.  There are bolted sport climbing routes in the following places.

  • Nagarjun Forest – 20 minutes from Kathmandu
  • Hattiban – 45 minutes from Kathmandu
  • Bimal Nagar – Located right off the main road. Easy to see.
  • Pokhara – Main climbing area is private property controlled by a Pokhara tour company.

Chitwan Jungle Safari

Combine this with our popular extreme adventures on our mult-day package tours.  This is the best of Nepal!